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Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist and skateboard champion Shaun White has partnered with D6 Sports to create his own action sports product line, ‘Shaun White Supply Co.’ (SWSC). SWSC’s main focus is to create, produce and deliver authentic products at an affordable price.

Every product has been rigorously tested, changed and tested again until Shaun and his team felt the Shaun White Supply Co. standards were met. It was important to White that not only could SWSC’s products be used by him in competition, but that they could also be used by recreational athletes in an effort to give individuals the opportunity to enjoy, experiment and excel in action sports.

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WALMART Instore "Mini Store" and more...


Shaun White Supply Co. joins forces with the retail giant making their products even more accessible to the next generation of action sports enthusiasts. In addition to Supply Co. Skateboards now available across the Walmart’s of America, 1000 select Walmart’s are also bringing a Shaun White Supply Co. “mini-store” featuring two AMP Series complete skateboards, two THRASH Series Skateboards, Shaun’s Core Complete Skateboard, 2 Stunt Scooters as well as Helmets and Pads. The board graphics look unreal as Supply Co. has enlisted some of the Skateboard industry’s top artists to embellish the decks. If that isn’t enough, all of the Supply Co. products at Walmart are built to higher standards than those of their competitors at the same price. Walmart’s recent addition of the Shaun White Supply Co. Brand has already generated a lot of chatter online, in store and in the Blogging community. It seems there are quite a few kids out there putting the products to the test and enjoying every minute of it. Check out some of the pics…


“To shop for Shaun White Supply Co. products at Walmart click this link” http://www.walmart.com/search/search-ng.do?search_query=shaun+white&ic=16_0&Find=Find&search_constraint=4171